Home inspectors are known for being very thorough, but there are areas that can escape their expertise. The chimney is often one of them. That’s because inspectors are generally looking for obvious signs of wear and damage during their chimney inspections. If the chimney is suffering from years of ignored maintenance, a home inspector will surely notice it. Often times, however, a dedicated chimney inspection team will catch structural and safety concerns that home inspectors missed due to the more thorough approach we take as experts. A chimney inspection will include an examination of the chimney’s exterior, interior and the chimney connection. The structure will be inspected, and may need to be cleaned. Chimney cleaning removes soot, debris, creosote, and blockages from the inside of the chimney, including the chimney liner, firebox, damper, and smoke chamber. Without regular chimney cleanings, creosote buildup can easily lead to a house fire.

What Does a Chimney Inspection Include?

A professional chimney inspection from Clean Sweep includes:

  • Diagnostics
  • An examination of the chimney structure
  • A 12-point checklist examination to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked
  • Suggestions for repair or replacement

Why Do Chimney Inspections Matter Throughout the Year?

Fall will be here before we know it, meaning new homeowners will be itching to have a crackling fire to set the mood in their new space. Regardless of the time of year, chimney inspections should never be forgotten when a transfer of home ownership is soon to take place.

Whether you are selling a home or assisting in the purchase of a home, the structural integrity and safety of the chimney is paramount. If you are helping to list a home, a chimney in poor condition will lower the asking price and potentially stop buyers in their tracks. If you are assisting in the purchase of a home, your clients need to know whether the home they are purchasing is as advertised.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help with Your Chimney Inspection!

Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, slate roofing and duct cleaning services designed to keep all of your listed properties clean and safe for sellers and buyers. If you have a prospective home buyer or home seller in need of a chimney inspection or repairs, we are here to help!