A chimney and fireplace are excellent perks when searching for the perfect place to call home. However, there are some things that prospective buyers should know before purchasing a home with a chimney. Be sure to tell your clients these key bits of information before they purchase the home of their dreams this spring!

A Chimney Inspection is Highly Advisable

We highly recommend choosing a certified chimney sweep to inspect a chimney before purchasing a home. You should make sure your clients understand what exactly a typical home inspection includes. While chimneys may be on the list of inspected parts of the home, this most often involves a brief glance up the chimney just to make sure everything looks reasonable, and no visible damage is present. Put simply, that is nowhere near thorough enough. Your buyer is going to be using their brand-new chimney as a perk and a means of enjoyment. That means they should have absolute peace of mind when doing so. In order to achieve that peace of mind, both the visible and hidden parts of the chimney should be thoroughly inspected. The only way to guarantee that takes place is to hire a professional!

Educate Yourself on the Chimney System

Not all chimneys work exactly the same way. Buying a home with a chimney is very exciting, but new homeowners shouldn’t simply load up their new fireplace with wood, start a fire and call it a day. Instead, be sure to encourage your buyers to thoroughly research their chimney types. Are there any common recurring issues with this type of design? What is the best type of fuel for this type of chimney? Having a firm understanding of these key concepts now will prevent any frustration or even disasters down the line. Of course, if you don’t know the specifics of your client’s chimney, that’s not a problem at all. The professional you hire to perform the chimney cleaning and inspection will be more than happy to walk your buyers through the nuances of maintaining and using their specific chimney.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help!

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