If you have clients entering the home selling process this fall, it’s very likely that the prospect of purchasing a home with a fireplace will be enticing to potential buyers. A chimney and fireplace are excellent perks when searching for the perfect place to call home, especially considering we’re moving toward the colder months of the year with the start of autumn. As such, its worth emphasizing the importance of chimney inspections before listing a home or inviting potential buyers in for a showing.

Why Are Chimney Inspections Important?

While chimneys inspections are generally included in a home inspection before the transfer of ownership, this “inspection” is usually a cursory look-over to make sure that it looks reasonably intact and that no visible damage is present. This is enough to pass the inspection, but certainly not enough to give buyers peace of mind when they use their fireplace for the first time. Additionally, if significant chimney damage is discovered later in the buying process, buyers may become much more wary of the place they wished to call home just weeks earlier. By being proactive with chimney cleanings, you can create peace of mind for buyers and sellers alike by avoiding such hiccups and protecting against these potentially devastating surprises down the road:

Masonry Problems: Over time, masonry and bricks can crack or deteriorate. If this happens, the chimney may need repair work before it can safely be used once again. Older chimneys are susceptible to masonry issues, and we can solve them by removing and adding mortar with a procedure called “tuckpointing.” If the problem is serious, the bricks themselves may also need to be replaced.

Chimney Obstruction: Many things can build up in a chimney over time, particularly if there is no chimney cap. A blockage is a serious hazard, as it can stop smoke from properly exiting the chimney. Bird nests, squirrel nests, creosote, and leaves are all serious hazards an inspector may miss during a home inspection.

Flue Cracking: A lot of stress is placed on chimney linings throughout the year. Fires burn hot inside, the exterior temperatures drop below freezing, and moisture levels fluctuate. When creosote and moisture join in a chimney, the lining degrades. If we find a crack in the chimney of your seller, we can help to repair it or replace it entirely.

Clean Sweep Is Here to Help with Your Chimney Inspection!

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